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    500 Words: NBA Conference Finals Game 2s

    I was wrong. Kinda. The Rockets looked good. As much as I Iike PJ Tucker, you can’t expect my man to score 22 points. He and Eric Gordon certainly came to play. Beyond just pure stats- which I don’t think will hold up in terms of Tucker and Gordon outscoring Klay Thompson and Steph Curry- the difference from the Rockets standpoint was ball movement. Plain and simple. There are statistics that prove that ball swings, which is the ball moving from one side of the floor to the other within the same possession, improves shooting percentages and offensive flow. It doesn’t take a basketball aficionado to see that getting the…

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    500 Words: Western Conference Finals Game 1

    Living in Houston, I am privy to the delusion of Rockets fans thinking they actually have a chance against the Warriors. Holding on to the fading history of Clutch City is understandable. The Astros provided a hot shower for the nastiness that came in the form of Harden’s absence from the Rockets’ elimination game and the Texans’ Watt & Watson injuries these fans had to endure. Trust me, I get it. But the thought that these Rockets will beat the Warriors four times in two weeks is just wrong. They won’t. There will be close games –  maybe. But this thing will be over pretty quickly. Admittedly, I was wrong…

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    500 Words: Eastern Conference Finals Game 1

    I was locked in to the Cavs and Celtics game yesterday. I picked the Cavs in 5 so I didn’t take much stock into the first few possessions. Then, the Cavs kept bricking and the Celtics kept making shots. Oddly enough, the Marcus Morris-LeBron James matchup was won by Morris. That can’t be expected to continue. In fact, there is a less than 0% chance that continues. However, the “others” for the Cavs were severely outplayed by the Celtics “others”. Here’s a question: “Who truly are the Celtics’ ‘others’?” Jason Tatum is the team’s leading scorer in the playoffs and basically mocked the 76ers for trading up to draft a…

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    Kanye isn’t the Free Thinker he Thinks he is

    Kanye West had been relatively quiet since he dropped The Life of Pablo in February 2016. He re-entered civilization with a bang. Not a “BANG!” in the sense of an excitement discovering a new development. Rather, he entered with the sort of bang akin to tripping over the window sill, ripping the curtain rods off the wall, crash into the end table, and a $200 vintage lamp shatters into a million pieces while sneaking in the house past curfew sort of bang. Head over to Coiski to read a short essay I wrote on my thoughts about Kanye’s idea of “free thought”

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    The Keto Awakening

    Note to all aspiring fathers: When your significant other is pregnant…EVERYBODY is pregnant. There is no way that you can maintain eating healthy while your wife’s hormones have you waiting an hour in the drive thru line for Taco Bell chalupas. In an effort to embody the “we’re in this together” motto that marriage, and pregnancy requires, I ate just about whatever, just about whenever. Not to mention, even talking about working out while the actual pregnant party is in their third trimester and struggling to find a comfortable position to just sit and watch TV is completely off the board. All of the stresses of life, plus being a…

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    The World According to Void

    Welcome to According to Void where you will hear, read, and experience the world through my eyes. I’ve been a man of many opinions for the majority of my life. I am a married to a beautiful woman, and we have an amazing baby boy. These life events have definitely reshaped our view on things. Some you will agree with, some you won’t. Either way, let’s discuss and engage. Walk with me throughout life’s journey, new discoveries, and life hacks as we navigate the unpredictable abyss called life. Thank you for taking time to see the world According to Void!! -TJV