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    Fatherhood: Year One Recap- 10 Epiphanies

    December 11, 2017 started as a normal day. At 6:15 am, my wife and I were finishing preparing our meals, and gathering out things for work. By 7:15 am, we were informed that our son would be brought into this world TODAY! Luckily my wife is the ultimate planner so we already had bags packed and were pretty ready to go so it wasn’t too much of a big deal. I just threw the bags in the car and took off down the road. Fourteen hours and 47,000 nurses later, our little guy made his appearance. I had no idea what to do at the time. One year later, can’t…

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    Fatherhood: Boogers & Boo Boos

    Daycare has been an adventure to say the least. As previously reported, the little guy sailed through the first week without issue. The maligned daycare germs didn’t affect him outside of a stuffy nose. Then…week two started. Those vaunted daycare devils were waiting to hit my boy full force. They attacked him like they needed to make up for lost time. By the middle of the second week, young fella had ear infections on both sides and a cough you wouldn’t believe. My man couldn’t even sleep because he was so congested. Of course, being first time parents, we felt every cough and sneeze as if it were our sickness…

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    Fatherhood: Daycare

    Simply put: Unless your mama, best friend, or somebody you know and trust owns a facility, there is no way to feel 100% comfortable sending your little one to daycare. Especially, if said little one is your first born. It’s just impossible. No one will love your kids as much as you do. I thought I had my emotions all under control. I mean, I was Daddy Daycare all summer. I had my son the much of the day from the beginning of June until it was time to put him in daycare. I was wrong. The process of selecting a spot to drop your kid off for hours without…

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    Fatherhood: The Dad Switch

    People frequently discuss how hard parenting is. Being around my nieces and nephews since they were practically born gave me the false sense of knowing what I was doing. I was wrong. My boy Nick so aptly and accurately describe parenthood as “the easiest and most difficult” thing you will ever do. Although parenthood certainly comes with a large set of struggles, compromises, and hopefully educated hunches, it is at least a partnership in the most ideal situation. Fatherhood, however, is a different animal. It is like nothing I have ever experienced in my entire life. It’s both scary and empowering, simultaneously. One feeling equally as strong as the other.…

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  • 500 Words

    500 Words: Game 4

    This series was pretty much a foregone conclusion before the season even started. Everyone knew that there was no competition in the East for the Cavaliers. Once Hayward went down, and Kyrie was deemed out for the season, the road to the finals became a freeway for Cleveland. The Warriors won their inevitable clash with the Rockets. I, like everyone else, wish CP3 would have been able to finish, but it wouldn’t have mattered. So that leads us here: another Golden State championship. It was odd. It seemed the Warriors were even shocked at how easy the elimination game was. They didn’t really celebrate when it was over because it…

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    500 Words: NBA Finals Game 3

    After both Conference Finals went seven, most basketball fans thought we were in for an epic NBA Finals. More specifically, Cavs fans saw proverbial chinks in the Warriors armor and figured this was their chance to dethrone them. Kevin Durant wasn’t playing like his usual self, Andre Iguadala was hurt, and LeBron was out of his mind. All of this, they thought, was the perfect mix for at least a long series where good money could be placed on LeBron in a game 7. They were wrong. Though the games have been fairly close, this thing is about to be a sweep. Game 1 seemed to suck the life out…

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    500 Words: NBA Finals Games 1 & 2

    By now you have seen the memes. If you have sports loving friends like I do, you have probably psychoanalyzed J.R. Smith’s blunder, Kevin Durant’s fourth quarter disappearance, and LeBron’s emotional meltdown between regulation and overtime of Game 1. The first game of the NBA Finals provided enough fireworks to banter about for the next month—which we will. Game one saw a ridiculous, all-time great performance put on by one of the greatest players the world has ever seen. LeBron had 51! It was a good looking 51 too. Dunks, long range 3’s. My man had it all working, but even with that going on, the Warriors never really went…

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    500 Words: NBA Conference Finals Game 4

    Game four is the typically the most important game in a 7-game series. It can eliminate a team or provide them hope. Recent history has deceived us into thinking coming back from 3-1 is a thing. The truth is, according to USA Today, only 11 teams have ever come back from such a deficit. That’s 11 teams in 71 years! Less than 60 teams have comeback from down 3-1 in the history of major North American Sports. So, game four is pretty dang important. Lucky for Cleveland, LeBron is in a LeBronto type groove. Not to mention, Kyle Korver has been cooking at home. I don’t know what type of…

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  • Guest Writing

    Stat Stuffing? Media’s Reach for LeBron “Stats” is Unlike Anything Ever Seen

    Lebron James is beloved. This season, that affinity for LBJ seemed to reach meteoric levels. It was a stark contrast from the short span of hatred he received when he left Cleveland for South Beach. In all his greatness, however, some basketball pundits reach far and wide, scrambling for any morsel of a stat that would affirm their worship of King James. Is it too far? Do they do too much? Is it necessary? Head over to Coiski to read my opinion on whether the LeBron praise is overboard.

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    500 Words: NBA Conference Finals Game 3s

    Both Game 3 of the Eastern and Western Conference Finals went about as predicted; at least in terms of the team that won each game.  There was absolutely no way a LeBron James-led Cavs team was going to get swept out of the Eastern Conference Finals. Not this particular version of LeBron James. Not to this team who is missing two All-Stars, and starts two dudes that should still be in college. No. No way that would happen. So I expected the Cavaliers to win, but not by 30! That was nuts. Nothing went right for the Celtics. When that’s the case, there is typically no point in putting a…

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