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500 Words: Game 4

This series was pretty much a foregone conclusion before the season even started. Everyone knew that there was no competition in the East for the Cavaliers. Once Hayward went down, and Kyrie was deemed out for the season, the road to the finals became a freeway for Cleveland.
The Warriors won their inevitable clash with the Rockets. I, like everyone else, wish CP3 would have been able to finish, but it wouldn’t have mattered.
So that leads us here: another Golden State championship. It was odd. It seemed the Warriors were even shocked at how easy the elimination game was. They didn’t really celebrate when it was over because it was in the bag so early.
Flat out, the Cavs laid it down. Laid down. Lied down. Grammatical correctness be damned. Them boys stopped fighting. It is not easy for me to say a grown man has quit and more difficult for me to say a team full of grown men has quit, but it is without a doubt what happened in Game 4. Every 50/50 ball went to the Warriors. In one play in particular, LeBron is guarding Steph Curry on a sideline out of bounds play. Steph simply broke from the box to the corner, and he was wide open for a 3. LeBron was sleeping. Typically, LeBron would most likely know the Warriors’ SLOB (sideline out of Bounds) himself. This game, nothing.
And this is my problem. I am in agreement that LeBron is the best player in the league, and the greatest of this generation. This, his 15th year, was the most impressive in my opinion. Saying all that, the end of regulation in Game 1 was the end of the series for me. LeBron played his heart out for sure, but his reaction to JR Smith, then subsequent meltdown before OT spoke volumes. Those Cavs revere LeBron. He is so much better than the other players, that he carries an unimaginable load of leadership. That display was the exact opposite of leadership. He’s human, though, so we all get a blowup. But, when you are undoubted head honcho of any collaborative, you aren’t afforded repeated errors of the same nature. Heavy is the head that holds the crown, bro.

Unfortunately, it appeared he was never able to see that killer in his eyes again, and his teammates followed suit. Yes, had LeBron had a triple double in Game 3, but he can do that in his sleep. He’s that good. The slumped shoulders, long faces, and pointed fingers continued through game 4, which included another LeBron blow up.
Truth be told, the Warriors took the Cavs out of their misery. This team was put together so late they didn’t have time to mesh, or get to know each other and it looked that way. We’ll see what happens next. For now, let the reality that Nicholas Young, formerly known as Swaggy P, has a ring. Also, JaVele McGee is a 2-time champ. Thank you, NBA!


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