500 Words

500 Words: NBA Conference Finals Game 3s

Both Game 3 of the Eastern and Western Conference Finals went about as predicted; at least in terms of the team that won each game.  There was absolutely no way a LeBron James-led Cavs team was going to get swept out of the Eastern Conference Finals. Not this particular version of LeBron James. Not to this team who is missing two All-Stars, and starts two dudes that should still be in college. No. No way that would happen. So I expected the Cavaliers to win, but not by 30! That was nuts. Nothing went right for the Celtics. When that’s the case, there is typically no point in putting a ton of stock in the game in general. On night’s like Saturday, you mark it up as a bad game and keep it moving.

On another note, this notion that LeBron has terrible teammates has gotten completely out of hand. This cannot be the narrative every time the Cavs struggle. Especially since Cav fans- who are really just LeBron fans- meet every move they make with excitement. Then, when things don’t result in a championship, or even just a loss, those same players that they applauded are now complete bums. The story is tired man. Truth be told, LeBron has had PLENTY of help over the years. We’ll table that argument for another day.

For now, the Cavs are still in prime position to win this series. Even though they are currently down two games to one, I believe that they will win this series in seven, instead of the five games I foolishly predicted before it started. I believe the Cavs will win Game 4, but it will be a much closer game. In fact, the next four games will be tooth and nail, but the Cavs ultimately end up in the Finals again.

In the West, I mean, my goodness. I expected the Warriors to win game three convincingly, but a 40-piece was not on my mind. Do you know how badly you have to play to get pounded by 40?? It’s either that, or the team you’re playing is just head and shoulders better than you are. In the case of the Western Conference Finals, both statements are true. Listen, the Rockets don’t have a shot; at all. They look lost at times, and disinterested others.

Klay Thompson only had 10 points last night, but Steph Curry dropped 35. After last game, I said that Steph had to wake up at some point, and my man went crazy! Even dropped a rare F-Bomb. Kevin Durant had the quietest 25 points I’ve ever seen, and the Warriors dominated at home. The Rockets gave up so many driving lanes, and missed layups on the other end. They are switching too much and just not trying at times. That’s disappointing, but not unexpected.


“Rockets ‘gon Rocket”. That’s been my quote for the Houston fans all year. They are who they are, and the Warriors are simply too much for them.